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Eating Disorders are among the most misunderstood illnesses in the
21st century.

Treatment options are available.

Recovery is possible.

There is hope.

    Life is made up of experiences. Some people have experiences that cause them to have distorted perceptions of themselves. These thoughts and feelings can become the map in which these people live their lives by. At Wellness Within You we believe that people who are overwhelmed by constant negative thoughts and feelings can find themselves living in unwanted experiences. Such as disordered eating, and eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, purging, and compulsive exercising. This person is sensitive to suffering from poor body image, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, lack confidence, have poor concentration, insomnia and/or depression which can result in further life threatening behaviours.

    Wellness Within You is a team of experienced counsellors who for over 20 years have understood all too well the devastating effects of Eating Disorders, as well as seen the limitless possibilities life offers with successful recovery. Through personal and professional experience and over years of counselling clients and families, we have identified the common patterns that result in these detrimental behaviours and have further defined the path in which complete and whole wellness can be achieved.

    Through our work we have refined the process of how to shift those detrimental perceptions that contribute to negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Shifting thought processes and reinterpretation allows for the opportunity to live to life's fullest potential.

    Our personal experience offers insight, inspiration, hope and awareness that wellness and success is possible. Our Goal is to offer knowledge, understanding and motivation about some of the most misunderstood illness's of our time.

    If you or suspect someone you know is struggling with an Eating Disorder we invite you to gain knowledge, understanding and how to embrace those living in these experiences.

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