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Help with Anorexia Disorder
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Eating disorders are a great mystery of our time, to the sufferers themselves who cannot explain their own actions, as well as to those who live with the bizarre and often tragic behaviour of its victims.

Those that suffer with distorted perceptions of themselves are sensitive to being overwhelmed by a constant bombardment of thoughts such as "I am not good enough. I am stupid, fat, ugly, selfish, not a nice person. I am a disappointment. I hate who I am. I am in the way. I should not be here. I have to try harder, do better, and work harder at being a better person. I am a failure." These types of distorted thoughts become the map in which these people live their lives by. If this person doesn't know how to have healthier thoughts and feelings and therefore be able to make healthier choices, they might find themselves living in the experience of an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and purging. These illnesses are debilitating and overwhelming, the patterns of behaviour become repetitive, addictive and compulsive.

We want to share with you what we know to address distorted thoughts and body image, identify and address environmental stressors, triggers, emotional growth, social integration, family challenges, and most importantly overall change for relapse prevention and support for Success.

We strive to assist clients, family members and loved ones in their journey towards health, healing, and whole Wellness Within.

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